Ryan Reynolds apologises for calling Hugh Jackman a 'monster' over video of his dog

Ryan Reynolds apologises for calling Hugh Jackman a 'monster' over video of his dog

Ryan Reynolds (sort of) apologised to Hugh Jackman after mocking him for dancing with his dog.

Reynolds backtracked on joking that Jackman is a "monster" for putting tap shoes on his French bulldog, admitting "the dog appears to be dressed normally".

If Reynolds was aiming for sincerity (which somehow we doubt...) spelling Jackman's name incorrectly is unlikely to have helped.

Jackman is yet to formally accept the apology.

This is the latest in a long running faux fued between the famous pair.

Reynolds and Jackman have been 'feuding' for almost 20 years.

This tiff over Jackman's dog Dali is only the latest episode on one of Hollywood's longest-standing (and friendliest) feuds.

The pair met while filming X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2008 and began "ribbing" each other almost instantly.

Since then, Reynolds and Jackman have relentlessly mocked each other, often in character as Deadpool and Wolverine respectively.

The pair particularly enjoy doing impressions of each other...

And bizarrely made mock political campaign ads calling each other out.

Earlier this year, they agreed to bury the hatchet to support frontline workers together.

But it seems the feud is back on.

And Dali is repeatedly being caught in the crossfire.

The feud has been paused numerous times, but always seems to be reinstated.

Early last year a truce was made – and quickly broken again – after the pair made spoof adverts for each other's companies.

Reynolds and Jackman presented their hilarious parodies in a playfully fraught video.

It remains to be seen whether Reynold's poorly-spelt apology will broker peace once more.

And if it does, we have no doubt that it won't last for long.

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