John Legend said his daughter is better at keeping secrets than Trump in a hilarious monologue

John Legend said his daughter is better at keeping secrets than Trump in a hilarious monologue

John Legend has jokes, everyone!

While guest hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the singer spent a portion of his opening monologue hilariously ridiculing Donald Trump following his admission to journalist Bob Woodward that he intentionally misled the public on the coronavirus.

After announcing that his wife, Chrissy Teigen, is pregnant, Legend began his roast session. “Speaking of big babies,” he said. “Did you hear the President of the United States on tape saying that he intentionally tried to downplay the virus even though he knew how serious it was?”

He continued:

He’d like us to believe Antifa is flying cross-country to kill us with soup cans but does not want us to panic. By the way, that’s not some leaked audio tape, this is what Trump said on the record to Bob Woodward who is writing a book about him, and he knew it!

He then went on to joke about his daughter who managed to not tell anyone about Teigen's pregnancy. John Legend's daughter for president, anyone?

My four-year-old daughter is better at keeping secrets than the president. She knew we were pregnant for weeks before we announced it and she didn’t say a word to Bob Woodward.

Legend also couldn’t miss the opportunity to mention Stormy Daniels:

Trump also said he knew the virus was airborne very early on and yet he still discouraged people from wearing masks. That would be like knowingly having unprotected sex with a porn star… oh, maybe that’s not the best example.

Elsewhere in his monologue, the singer vented about his difficulties with homeschooling – but let’s face it, his teaching set-up is larger than some people’s entire homes – and joked about the poor timing of having a baby in the middle of a pandemic.

Fans were quick to praise Legend for his comedic skills and brutal takedown of Trump.

If his music career fails (which is unlikely), Legend could easily give comedy a shot.

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