Kim Kardashian slammed for tone-deaf comments about her '14 gorgeous Friesian horses'

Kim Kardashian has found a new way to not-so-subtly inform us about her wealth. But this time, in the middle of an economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, it's not going down so well.

These are truly unprecedented times, and it would seem that the one thing that stays consistent is the Kardashian-Jenner clan reminding us all that we are peasants in their midst.

The reality TV star, her husband Kanye West and her children now own 14 gorgeous Friesian horses – a breed of horse from the Netherlands that is known for its glossy black coat, thick mane and tail, and feathered hooves.

And despite the fact that millions have been laid off and are on the brink of bankruptcy, Kim thinks we all have to know about it.

This week, she decided to share the news on Twitter, while misspelling “Freesian” (correct spelling: Friesian) and sharing a picture of daughter North, 7, with the animal.

But the rest of the world (you know the majority going through job losses and a recession) did not take the news bulletin very well and asked the mogul to read the global room.

This comes after Kim reportedly became a billionaire after selling a stake in her beauty empire.

Coty – a global beauty company with big brands like COVERGIRL, Max Factor, Rimmel, Clairol and Nautica – struck a deal with her to buy 20 per cent of her KKW brand for a total of $200m (£163m). This sale reportedly pushed her into billionaire status.

And her husband could not be any prouder. His online celebration, a picture of a giant green tomato, a cherry tomato and a bizarre combination of flowers, made him the riddle of Twitter earlier this week.

Huge congrats to the rich couple for being even richer, but as Kim’s sister Kourtney pointed out in that famous Keeping Up With The Kardashians clip of Kim losing a diamond earring in the ocean:

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