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Lizzo is helping to promote body positivity and challenge beauty standards with a new video posted on her Instagram.

In the recently posted clip, she takes a new approach to the ‘all angles’ TikTok trend that sees users showing how their bodies look vastly different when posed in certain ways.

Wearing a white bikini, the singer posed for the video alongside the audio that accompanies the popular internet trend. But rather than trying to transform her body with each position, she instead just showed what it looks like from different perspective.

Displaying her body from all angles to her 9.5 million Instagram followers, Lizzo is clearly intending to make a powerful statement about body shaming, to which she is frequently subjected on the very same platform.

The all angles trend highlights how social media is fuelling unrealistic beauty standards as people post pictures and videos in which their body is made to look ‘perfectly’ sculpted.

Lizzo is known for her messaging around the body positivity movement and for encouraging others to be comfortable in their own skin.

Captioning this latest empowering video, she writes: “Wild to see the body positive movement come so far. Proud of the big girls who gave it wings. My body is changing but I’m gonna keep appreciating it from every angle.”

Having been viewed over 2.6 million times, fans of the singer have praised her for giving them the confidence to feel good in themselves.

The GBBO's Laura Adlington replied: “Yes Queen! Thank you for giving people like me the confidence to be in a bigger body and not be ashamed. You are doing SO much good 🔥🔥🔥”

Another fan wrote: “Your confidence, influence and self love is EVERYTHING ❤️”

Lizzo, we salute you.

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