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It goes without saying that whenever a woman ventures to express any kind of opinion online, there will be an army of men who are willing to counteract her and troll her simply for doing so.

There are a plethora of examples, including a man who attempted to mansplain vaginas to a female gynaecologist, and another man who even attempted to mansplain a woman's height to her during a heated Twitter exchange. Yes, he actually did that.

However, now, the 'mansplaining' crown may have well and truly been won by one man, who has attempted to mansplain the Handmaid's Tale to Margaret Atwood - yes, the book's author.

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In a tweet, Atwood shared an opinion article about the Handmaid's Tale by The Guardian, writing:

And in response one man said, in a since-deleted tweet:

"I think you and I were watching different shows..."

Right, yes, that's a good idea. Mansplain The Handmaid's Tale to the woman who actually came up with it, in her brain!

Thankfully, other social media users picked up on the ridiculous nature of the tweet and made their feelings clear.

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