Avengers Endgame: Google search hints that Hugh Jackman will appear in the next Marvel movie

Avengers: Infinity War gave us easily the most superheroes that we have ever seen in a single movie, comprising the combined forces of the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, and a few others, into two-and-a-bit entertaining but ultimately depressing hours.

With Endgame on the horizon, we're potentially going to see even more heroes introduced to the fold, with Captain Marvel, Ant-Man and Hawkeye all set to join the effort to take down Thanos.

However, one superhero that we definitely weren't expecting to see was Wolverine. That's right, Wolverine, famously played by Hugh Jackman, of the X-Men - a brand which doesn't belong to Disney or Marvel Studios at the time of writing.

How is this possible? Surely this is just a bit of internet geek fandom that has gotten out of hand and made it's way on to a news website? Well, if you want some validity, it's always best to Google it, right?

Thanks to a bit of research by the folks at FandomWire, if you search for the specific Google term 'famous Hugh Jackman movies', Endgame is listed in the movies at the top of the Google page. Here's a quick screenshot just to prove it.

Picture: Google

Of course, this could just be a glitch in the Google mainframe or there could be some legitimacy to it.

A merger between Fox (who own the rights to the X-Men movies) and Disney is believed to take place in 2019, but no confirmation has been announced, with rumours speculating that it could happen at some point in the first six months of the year.

However, Endgame is set for a release in April, meaning that there would have to be a pretty sharp turnaround in whatever scenes Jackman will possibly be appearing in.

It's possible that Wolverine could pop up in one of those now-legendary post-credit scenes as the mutant, as a way of introducing the character to the MCU, or it could just be a small, knowing nod to the character in a cameo like Stan Lee used to do.

That being said, the Australian star did say that 2017's Logan would be the last time he played the man with the adamantium claws in a movie, so who knows?

Either way, we will have to wait until April to see if the 50-year-old will be in Endgame,or if this was just a wild internet trick that got way out of hand.

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