Men in Black writer told not to mansplain after trying to explain Men in Black
Sony Pictures/Twitter

Have you ever struggled with a question only to find later the answer had been right in front of you the whole time, but you refused to see it?

If you haven’t already stopped reading, you’ll realise this isn’t an existential call for salvation, but the story of how two people arguing over hit 90s film Men in Black in a cafe narrowly missed out on the help of possibly the most informed source on the planet - the guy who actually wrote the thing.

Ed Solomon, the writer of Men in Black, took to Twitter to tell a tale of education, grace and surprises.

Some didn’t believe him.

Others imagined a perfect scenario.

Many felt he should have revealed his identity.

Mr Solomon clarified that he had planned to tell them who he was, but he received a phone call during which time they left the café.

Thankfully, the story had one more twist.

While people were still left with questions...

...this person could relate.

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