Nick Clegg went on The Last Leg and was actually funny

Nick Clegg went on The Last Leg and was actually funny

Last night deputy prime minister Nick Clegg was a guest on Channel 4's The Last Leg, and, shock horror, didn't make a complete fool of himself.

In fact, despite trepidation over his appearance before the show, he was surprisingly at-ease and candid, admitting that on a scale of one to ten (with ten feeling so bad he can't sleep at night) he feels a "nine and a half" about the tuition fees U-turn.

When asked by host Alex Brooker if Boris Johnson was a statesman or t**t, he replied: "A bit more the latter," and said that his reaction to Sarah Palin becoming President would be: "Recount please!"

During his appearance he also won the Palin or Prom Queen quiz, where he had to distinguish between incoherent Sarah Palin quotes and those of Miss Universe contestants:

And, if nothing else, we now have a video of a senior politician throwing a melon at a prosthetic foot with a knife attached:

Watch the full version of The Last Leg here on 4OD

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