Radio 2 host baffles listeners with Alan Partridge-style Putin song intro

Radio 2 host baffles listeners with Alan Partridge-style Putin song intro
Tony Blackburn introduces song with Putin joke on Radio 2

Radio 2 listeners got more than they bargained for during Tony Blackburn’s show recently, when the DJ delivered a baffling link to a song.

The broadcaster referenced Vladimir Putin while introducing a track live on air and it might be the most Alan Partridge thing we’ve ever heard in our lives.

Blackburn was hosting his Golden Hour show on Sunday (8 January) when he snuck in an unexpected quip about the Russian President.

The 79-year-old played the opening bars of Moloko’s Sing It Back and then said: “Wouldn’t it be lovely if Putin would say this?”

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Listeners then heard the lyrics: “If you are ready, I will surrender, take me and do as you will.”

It came out of nowhere, but we kind of love it – and so did a lot of people on Twitter.

“Hell of a link by Tony Blackburn on Radio 2,” TV reporter Scott Bryan posted alongside the clip.

“This is why Tony Blackburn is an absolute legend,” another commented.

“Tony Blackburn, doyen of DJs,” one more added.

The DJ made the unexpected reference on his Sunday show@tonyblackburn/Instagram/Getty

It was also quickly spotted and picked up the Accidental Partridge Twitter account - which highlights examples of Alan Partridge-style media faux pas.

It’s not the first time that Blackburn has made reference to the war in Ukraine since Putin’s illegal invasion began back in February.

Writing on Twitter back in March he commented: “How amazing are the Ukrainians standing up to Putins murderous attacks. These [Russian] soldiers must surely realise what they are doing is wrong and evil.”

Then, on New Year’s Day he posted: “Just watched All quiet On The Western Front on @netflix the madman Putin should watch this as to me it shows the stupidity of war and violence.”

Never change, Tony.

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