Fans are loving Reese Witherspoon's Tik Tok

Reese Witherspoon/Instagram

If you’ve not quite got your head around what TikTok is yet, you’re not just less cool than the teens.

Nope, you’re also less cool than actress Reese Witherspoon, whose son just taught her how to use the platform.

A cute video posted to Instagram sees Reese asking her son what TikTok is, and he patiently answers her that it’s a “short form video platform for kids”.

Not content at leaving it at that, she asks her son if she should be on TikTok – maybe unusually for a teen son, he says she should.

After he agrees to help her make one, we get to see Reese practicing her dance moves and picking it up pretty quickly.

While she might not have quite mastered it yet, chances are she’ll be the queen of TikTok in no time and people are here for it.

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