The nine most Jeremy Kyle topics in the history of the Jeremy Kyle Show


The Jeremy Kyle Show is a world of misadventure and dispute.

The ITV series might be called a little provocative at best. Is it an awful, modern day circus? There are countless memes and tweets where guest's appearances are ripped apart.

Presenter Jeremy will argue that he's helping those in need out, resolving family drama, and, for example, giving one guest £10,000 so she could get her teeth cosmetically fixed after being horribly berated on social media.

The thing is, there are moments on the television show that just can't be ignored - the most recent of which being this one, entitled, 'My son is racist to his own girlfriend!':

'Danny McMoomins' (possibly not the tweeter's real name) is correct. There really is far too much going on there.

Anger, despair, and meanness aside, here are nine other classic moments from one of television's most ridiculous shows...

This man, who after being accused of cheating by his ex told Jeremy that he'd caught a sexually transmitted disease from his car exhaust.

And this man, who went public in his attempt to prove that he hadn't had sex with his own mother.

In another maternal episode, called 'Has my son cut up my sex toy?', one mother was upset that her son had used a pair of scissors to cut her dildo in half.

More recently, we witnessed a real-life (cringe) proposal on the Jeremy Kyle Show. It followed an episode in which Amie discovered her partner Jordan hadn't been having sex with other women at a funfair.

Another segment captured the moment a male gay couple found out that they were actually long-lost half brothers. It was probably the most shocking scene in the show's history, but the men have stayed in touch and, like the above, it all ended amicably.

Indeed, despite all the heartache, questionable dress sense and arguments, one guest, Joelle Hughes, was later tipped for a modelling contract. She'd requested Jeremy's help because her boyfriend had left her and her baby homeless with his gambling.

But these less emotional situations are rare, and understandbly, Jeremy does struggle from time-to-time. In one episode, he lost it a little when asking if one guest had 'smashed' another guest's shire horses.

It's surprising he manages to cope so well when dealing with such unlikely scenarios.

Sometimes we just can't even.

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