One of Britain's worst football teams say the reason they have conceded 140 goals in 16 matches this season is because they are so nice.

Amory Green Rovers currently sit rock bottom in Division 7 of the Devon and Exeter Football League and are winless with a goal difference of -123.

However, speaking to the Daily Express, player-manager Marc Hodsdon explained that the team's Christian ethos means they are also the happiest team in the land.

We always do the best we can and try to win, but we have lost 22-0 and 17-0 already this season. We have had some right annihilations.

Last Wednesday we lost 15-1 in our local derby yet we walked off the pitch being the happier team.

Some of the players on the other side were still arguing among themselves and just not enjoying it - that is not what football is about.

  • Marc Hodsdon, player-manager
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