Gary Lineker presented Match of the Day in his pants and people are complaining they weren't skimpy enough

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Sunday 14 August 2016 10:20

Gary Lineker stuck to his word and presented the first Match of the Day of the season in his underwear on Saturday night.

The BBC presenter said in December last year that he would carry out the pledge if his old club Leicester City won the Premier League - which seemed next to impossible at the time.

But after their unlikely triumph in May, the former centre-forward sported a pair of white boxers with the club's crest emblazoned on them:

While pundits Alan Shearer and Ian Wright appeared to be very pleased...

...there was something riling the nation's football fans

That's right, Gary's pants just weren't skimpy enough:

Some pointed out he'd worn far more revealing shorts in his playing days:

'More bulge,' a nation demanded!

People felt cheated:

Caps on many keyboards were definitely locked:

To make things worse, he got fully dressed later in the show:

The man himself responded on Twitter:

Which sort of seems fair enough.

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