Eye-watering amount drinks cost at Wimbledon this year

Eye-watering amount drinks cost at Wimbledon this year
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The price of drinks have risen at Wimbledon for 2024, with the price of a pint up by around a pound and one glass of Pimm's costing £12.

The jewel in the crown of tennis is underway for this year where the world's very best battle it out to scoop the title they all want to win.

Hundreds of thousands of punters, guests, trainers, family members and more will watch on through the two weeks the tournament runs.

While it isn't exactly a cheap day out at the best of times, prices have risen again for the 2024 edition.

The cheapest pints are Camden IPA, Camden Pale Ale and Guinness which all cost £8.10 - up from £7.20 in 2023.

Stella Artois and Orchard Pig both cost £8.50.

The cheapest bottles of beer are Camden Pale Ale, Leffe Blonde and Corona, all of which are a whopping £7.20 each.

Bottles of Stella Artois, Brutal Fruit and Hoegaarden all cost £7.50 each.

Pimm's is always a popular drink at Wimbledon - but just one 330ml serving of this in a reusable plastic cup costs an eye-watering £11.95.

A spectator sips a glass of Pimm's at Wimbledon 2024 / Julian Finney, Getty Images

A can of Pimm's costs £9.80, as does a 187ml can of wine.

A house spirit and mixer can be done from £7.50, cans of Sipsmith with mixer cost £9.80 and shots of Sipsmith with mixer start from £10.

The cheapest glass of champagne costs £19.20.

Non-alcoholic drinks are pretty pricey too - the cheapest drink, a 330ml bottle of sparkling water, costs £2.40; a 750ml bottle of mineral water costs £2.95.

Cans of Coke Zero, Diet Coke and Sprite Zero are all £2.60 each.

A cup of coffee costs £2.90 and a tea costs £2.80.

Those attending Wimbledon are encouraged by organisers to bring their own bottles to get refills of water.

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