Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola was forced to correct an example of everyday sexism from a journalist ahead of Saturday's FA Cup final.

The Spanish boss was talking ahead of his side's clash with Watford at Wembley, where they have a chance to win a so-called 'domestic treble' which consists of the Premier League, League Cup and FA Cup.

If City were to win the match they would be the first men's team in England to achieve such a feat but that wasn't exactly the question that was posed to Guardiola on Friday. The journalist asked him:

Tomorrow you've got the prospect of winning the first ever domestic treble in this country.

How much does that prospect of making history excite you? 

Guardiola quickly corrected the journalist and pointed out that the domestic treble was achieved long ago in the women's side of the sport.

The first time in men's football. The women have won it.

Arsenal's women's team were the first to win the treble in the 1992/93 season and have won in on three separate occasions since then.

Guardiola's precise knowledge and swift correction of the journalist has gone viral, with many thanking and applauding the manager for speaking up for women's football.


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