Redknapp's bizarre intervention in the Mackay 'banter' affair

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Friday 22 August 2014 12:50
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At a QPR press conference, and sadly not hanging out of his car window, Harry Redknapp offered up a bizarre attempt of manager solidarity with Malky Mackay following a series of text message allegations surrounding the former Cardiff boss.

He hasn't murdered anyone, he hasn't raped anyone and he is not a paedophile.

  • Harry Redknapp

Right, thanks for clearing that one up Harry.

Here is exactly what Redknapp had to say on the matter:

"What I would say is that Malky Mackay has made a big mistake.

"I don't know the other lad (Moody) but what they have done is not right. Malky is a great lad, a family man and a real football man, he has made mistakes and people make mistakes in life.

"Suddenly everyone is an angel, he made a big mistake the lad but it shouldn't finish his life. He is a good manager and I feel bad for what he has done but I bet no one is feeling as bad as him or his family today.

"I'm not condoning what he has done but show me someone who has never made a mistake and I will show you a liar. He hasn't murdered anyone, he hasn't raped anyone and he is not a paedophile."

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In other news, it appears we've now reached peak banter (according to Google Trends), although the most recent peak is based on incomplete data for this week.

HT to unofficial banter spokesperson Joe Hall.

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