A Russian sports journalist showed his dedication to his job when he powered through a live broadcast while being soaked with water.

Evgeny Evnevich was in the middle of a broadcast from Moscow's VEB Arena when the stadium’s sprinklers started behind him.

Before he could get to the end of his report, Evnevich was caught in the path of the stream twice.

This is what he said while he was being drenched (according to Sputnik News):

I'm going to be wet now, cause they've started to water the field. That's why I will try to speak as fast as I can…

I'm getting wetter and wetter, but I will continue my... Nice! Well, I will continue my report. It will be difficult for CSKA to give a strong performance during this match... And I'm getting wetter and wetter, but I will continue talking.

Evnevich’s professionalism won him support from other sports journalists.

And the moment reminded some people of BBC journalist Mike Bushell, who had a similarly wet mishap last year.

Evnevich has since made a screenshot from the video his cover photo on Twitter so it looks like he’s happy to embrace his new reputation as Europe's most dedicated sports journalist.

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