This hockey player's earrings are making British teenagers very angry

Looking back on your school days, you can probably remember that any PE teacher worth their salt would be militant about making sure no one was wearing earrings.

Indeed, education guidance states that earrings, ear studs and other jewellery are "potential hazards" and a potential danger to the wearer, other pupils and even staff.

So while it was annoying to have to always take our earrings, or to tape them over, it's better than getting a bit of ear ripped off, we suppose.

Which is why people are perplexed by Dutch hockey player Laurien Leurink, who was wearing not one, but TWO earrings in the Olympics final against Team GB on Friday night.

Completing flouting conventions...

People were quick to point out the double standard

They were angry

And confused

Miss Liddle has some explaining to do

Perhaps hockey players are just made of tougher stuff...

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