This Chamoy Pickle Kit is setting TikTok alight

This Chamoy Pickle Kit is setting TikTok alight
How to make pickles

Move over feta pasta, a new food trend is emerging on TikTok, and this one is for pickle lovers.

Chamoy pickle kits are the latest fad where people can create their own sweet, spicy, sour, crunchy pickles using boxes of prepared ingredients.

The kits come with one large dill pickle, chamoy powder or sauce, sweet candy like Fruit Roll-Ups, sour candy like Warheads or Sour Punch Straws, and sometimes chips like Takis.

Chamoy is a Mexican condiment made from dried apricots, chile de arbol, Tajin seasoning, and hibiscus flowers.

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The chamoy pickle first gained traction last year after several companies caught people's attention with bright-red, chamoy-infused pickles.

It seems the point of the pickle kits is to mimic the sweet, salty, spicy, and sour taste of chamoy by combining food in and on the pickle.

The chamoy pickle kits don't always contain an authentic chamoy pickle but it uses chamoy sauce or powder that people can put on themselves.


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To make a chamoy pickle, people first scoop out some of the pickle and place Sour Punch Straws in the middle. They then wrap the pickle in the Fruit Roll-Up and add chamoy sauce on top with whatever else they’d like.

It may sound like a lot of flavors at once but according to TikTokers who have tried the viral kits, it’s not bad.

“That’s actually really nice,” TikToker bethmartin.x said in a video reviewing a chamoy pickle kit.


You need to try this….. 😋😍 I want to try the chamoy one next!! From @Poppin Candy lit £10.99 #poppingcandyofficial #picklekituk #dillpickle #chamoypicklekit #foryoupageofficiall #fypシ゚viral #fyp #trending

Another TikToker, amberrozario, agreed with the review but added, “I actually can’t describe the flavors that are going on in my mouth right now."

She too “kind of liked it.”


CHAMOY PICKLE KIT!!🌶️ this was SO fun🤣 #tastetest #picklekit #chamoypickle #chamoypicklekit @chamoyguysuk

With over 3.4 billion views on TikTok, the pickles have become a major hit - especially in the UK.

The kits retail between £15.99 and £25. People can get them from Etsy, Amazon, CandyMail, and more.

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