Harpist goes viral for calm response to infuriated passerby

Harpist goes viral for calm response to infuriated passerby
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A London-based harpist has gone viral on TikTok for her incredibly calm reaction at an irate passerby.

Robyn, who posts on the social media platform as @robyn.hearts.harp, was filming herself busking.

As she does so, an infuriated passerby gives Robyn a piece of their mind, calling her a "beggar" and saying they're going to call the council to see if she's allowed to play there.

But Robyn's response is nothing short of inspirational as she calmly replies and carries on playing throughout the minute-long encounter.

It's not the first time this has happened to her - another one of her videos went viral from a similar kind of situation.


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In the video, Robyn doesn't stop playing George Michael's 'Careless Whisper' on the harp as a passerby had a go at her.

The passerby said to Robyn "I'm going to report you to Karen council" to which Robyn replied "alright".

"Have you got permission?" the passerby asked which Robyn confirmed.

"What even to ask people - I've never seen a beggar or anybody begging asking people to put it on their card," the passerby continued.

"I'm not begging," Robyn calmly replied. "What are you doing then?" "Playing music."

"Yeah but who asked you to? Do you get permission from the council?" asked the passerby. "Yes," Robyn said.

The passerby carried on and said: "If you weren't begging you would be playing music for free."

Robyn replied: "I am playing for free technically." "Why you getting the money then?" "Because people wanna give money."

"No, you don't ask for that, you don't put that there," the passerby said.

"I'm not asking for it." "You are, you have to give gift tip for £2, that is begging." "Alright."

"Don't you know the difference?" the passerby relentlessly continued as Robyn started to just focus on playing.

The passerby's parting shot was: "I'll ask Karen council if you got permission."

The passerby then walks off as Robyn looks at the camera in disbelief.

How Robyn handled the situation calmly while carrying on playing the harp has left other social media users praising how she handled the situation.

SJ said: "I love the level of unbothered."


Moshy said: "I’ve never seen anyone get angry at harp music before 🤣"

TheLerix said: "Did she say she asks Karen council?? 🤣"

Pobedit said: "She’s jealous cause you’re young and beautiful and talented you stayed so calm. Well done."

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