Woman ends up stuck with temporary house guest who 'refuses to leave her home'

Woman ends up stuck with temporary house guest who 'refuses to leave her home'
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A woman was left raging after claiming a temporary tenant refused to leave her California home.

In a furious explicit-filled rant reposted to the @2RawTooReal Twitter account, the woman alleged that her temporary house guest wouldn't leave – despite getting the police involved.

She claimed that she posted an advertisement on a popular rental website to help with the mortgage while she was on holiday. The guest was supposed to be gone three days before she arrived home.

In a follow-up video, she filmed the unidentified (and unwelcome) lodger who brutally hit back: "I ain't going nowhere. Deal with it."

After the homeowner accused the stranger of being a "freeloader", she replied furiously: "Call the police because I ain't going nowhere. Don't touch that [bedroom] door, or I'm calling the police on you. They're gonna arrest you."

The would-be tenant proceeded to make herself comfortable and even went as far as lighting a cigarette in the homeowner's dining area.

"Are you smoking in my house?" the enraged woman said, before abruptly ending the video.

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The viral footage was soon inundated with responses from stunned Twitter users.

A number pointed out that, in some states, renters can establish themselves as tenants if they booked a stay for 30 days or longer, according to GU.

One person came up with their own innovative solution, writing: "This is the part where I cut off all the power, the cable, internet, etc. We are gonna live like it’s 1800. I would summon the worst vindictive version of myself to make it as uncomfortable AF for them to get them out of my house."

Another joked: "Lmfaooo why is she so comfortable!?! Walking around with no shoes on, moving slowly etc."

Meanwhile, a third person added: "This is one of the most insane things I've ever seen."

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