Influencer responds to criticism for demanding commuters wait for her when filming on tube

Influencer responds to criticism for demanding commuters wait for her when filming on tube

Influencer responds to criticism for demanding commuters wait for her when filming on tube


An influencer has been criticised for complaining about commuters getting in her way as she posed for photos in front of a tube on the London Underground.

In the viral video from last year, TikToker Antonia Freya Lydia (@turnttoni) attempted to show off her black feather strapless dress in a clip but this proved to be challenging as people were walking along the platform.

"Taking an aesthetic video in London Underground be like," she wrote in the on-screen text as people walked past and blocked her shot.

She added in the caption: "Like can yoh wait just one sec,sir."


like can yoh wait just one sec,sir? #fy #foryou #london #underground

Since sharing the video, it went with 8.9m views where people took to the comment section and didn't hold back on their thoughts.

One person said: "Some people actually use the station to get to places instead of taking insta photos crazy right?!?"

"GIRL IT’S A TRAIN STATION—" another person wrote.

A third person added: "You know people have to go to work and they're not going to stop their lives for you. Don't want people around, go someplace private."

"If you were in a wide open space this would make sense but… in a TRAIN STATION?!" a fourth commented.

Someone else replied: "Imagine doing this at Oxford Circus and expecting people to get out of your way."

While a few defended the influencer too

"Don’t think she knew it was gonna be that busy and she is probably joking lol," one person wrote.

Someone else replied: "Idk about y’all but i understand her completely."

But this wasn't the end of the matter...

The debate was reignited when Twitter user @schizarella (not Antonia in the original video) weighed in with their thoughts after the clip was reposted on the platform on Sunday.

"When you see someone recording just walk behind the camera or wait literally ten seconds, if you can't do this then you don't deserve to be part of a civilized society," they wrote in a post that has since become unavailable to view.

It prompted many people to disagree and criticise the influencer for her actions - here are some of the comments.

In a recent TikTok, Antonia aka the influencer in the original video responded to a critical comment saying they couldn't believe she was complaining about people getting in her shot, and called her content "lame."


Replying to @sop excuse me, what do you mean? #fy #foryou #subway

To which Antonia replied with a video filled with different snaps of herself all over the world and in different outfits where she seemed to be unbothered as she wrote: "wait.... lame?"

Then, she wrote in the caption: "excuse me, what do you mean?"

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