McDonald's lasagna, that uses Big Macs instead of pasta, called an 'abomination'

McDonald's lasagna, that uses Big Macs instead of pasta, called an 'abomination'

A creative food lover's McDonald's lasagna has repulsed the internet.

In a TikTok video that appears to have been deleted by the original creator but has been reshared on Twitter and other platforms, an unseen woman makes a dish with McDonald's products taking centre stage - for no apparent reason.

In the video, she lays Big Macs in a roasting tin and squashes them down.

She then pours chips and maple syrup on top, her "secret ingredient".

"Trust the process this is going to be so delicious," she says before adding tomato sauce and two pounds of grated cheese and squashing it all down again.

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The next bizarre ingredient is sliced bacon which she lays on top of the pile of food before adding ham and yet more maple syrup.

If you thought that was the end of the matter, think again.

The woman then gets some McChicken sandwiches, removes the patties then places them on top of the ever-growing pile and discarding the buns.

"It's just too much dough," she explains, a bastion of logic. But she keeps the mayonnaise and the lettuce... of course.

We're not done yet. Give us strength. Next is more tomato sauce, those American sliced cheese squares that have the texture of plastic, before the abomination finally goes in the oven.

"It smells good," the man filming the video says after it comes out of the oven.

The creation is cut up, presumably for all her guests to pretend to enjoy, but the video cuts before we can see anyone's review.

No matter, though, as we can turn to the reviews of people on the internet, who were quick to label the creation an "abomination".

We think we will stick with regular lasagna, too.

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