TikTok model left horrified after AI deepfake shows her getting dressed

TikTok model left horrified after AI deepfake shows her getting dressed

A model was left horrified after discovering that someone had created a deepfake video of her getting undressed and posted it online.

Model and TikToker Nadia Zalecka was mortified to find that she was one of a rising number of influencers being targeted for illicit content using artificial intelligence.

Zalacka has more than 80,000 followers on TikTok, and was alerted to the compromising video by one of them.

Speaking to the Daily Star, she explained that the person responsible had taken one of her videos before changing her face and name, before making her undress.

“It’s so so scary. One of my TikTok followers came across it and tagged me. People need to realize how bad it actually is.”

As well as saying that saying her likeness had been used before on dating sites, as well as having her likeness used on the “AI Undress” website.

She added: “It was so scary seeing my video being manipulated so easily, it’s flooded with comments praising and supporting this fake person and little do they know it’s completely fake and my body is being used.”

It’s another disturbing instance of deep fake technology being used for sinister subject matter.

The surge in deepfakes has prompted many high profilers to come forward and speak out including MrBeast and Tom Hanks.

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