Hair salon offers to fix woman’s hair for free after it began to fall out

Steph responding to Alfredo and Alex’s TikTok

Steph responding to Alfredo and Alex’s TikTok

@thestephseries on TikTok

A woman’s TikTok has been viewed of 62 million times after showing a bleach job gone wrong.

Steph, known as @thestephseries on TikTok, showed herself crying, pulling clumps of damaged hair off her head in the shower.

The comments were full of sympathy from shocked viewers with some offering Steph recommendations on how to move forward, saying they wanted to ‘give her a hug’, and others reassuring her that she’d still look beautiful with shorter hair.

‘I was so happy that my hair was getting so long, and I don’t even know what it’s gonna look like,’ she said.

Initially there was no explanation as to what had caused her hair to fall out, but after attracting so much attention, Steph proceeded to make a follow up video detailing what had happened. At the beginning of the video she says, ‘this is your sign to just go to a professional.’

She states that she has dyed her hair and her friend’s hair using the same products previously, but this time there was one difference: she had used colour remover.

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So in order to go to blonde from her brown dyed hair, she used colour remover first.

Viewers explained that it’s best to wait a week after using colour remover before applying any bleach. Which is why Steph’s hair became so damaged, so quickly. The reason it’s important to wait so long is because the colour remover can already damage your hair, and cause your hair to lose a lot of moisture.


Ive never felt so ugly in my life, if anyone wants to send me a wig it would be appreciated #fyp #thestephseries #hair #sillysteph01 #bleaching #gonewrong #help

But two hairstylists saw Steph’s TikTok and replied offering to fly her out to Beverley Hills for free and help fix her hair.

Hair colourist and hair extension artists Alfredo Lewis and Alex Pardoe reached out to Steph saying they wanted to ‘get your hair back on track’. They added, ‘we know how traumatic something like this can be all too well, hang in there.


#duet with @Alfredo Lewis I CANT BELIEVE THIS @Bellamihair THANK YOU so much! #fyp #hairloss #thestephseries #sillysteph01 #bleaching#Stitch

Steph accepted the offer and appeared so grateful for the duo’s offer. Her appointment is booked for May 23.

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