Study reveals which country has the best Netflix content - and America’s not even close

A study has revealed which countries have the best-ranking Netflix content in the world.

According to Uswitch, which analysed the IMDB scores and TV and film awards given to series and films available in the 190 countries that have the streaming service and converted these scores into points out of 100, Japan has the best content as it has content that amasses 27,285 IMDb scores, and 19,255 TV and film awards. For that, Uswitch scored them 100 out of 100.

Coming in second was the Czech Republic with an overall score of 97.61, and South Korea came in third with 94.02.

The UK came in fourth with 28,168 IMDB points and 16,756 awards. Switzerland came in fifth, only just having lost out to the UK by 0.04 points while the rest of the top ten was Hungary, then Germany, Belgium, India, and Canada.

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Despite making a huge number of shows, the US came 29th out of 30 on the list with an overall Netflix catalogue score of 79.88. Malaysia was at the bottom of the list.

Uswitch also made lists using IMDB and TV and film awards to ascertain which country had the best TV shows. The UK took the crown for that one. Meanwhile, while analysing the scores for films, the Czech Republic won.

You snooze, you lose, America.

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