Iconic meltdown on Come Dine With Me
Channel 4

A recent episode of Channel 4's Come Dine With Me had viewers scratching their heads after one contestant revealed they took a "kebab break" in the middle of sex.

On Tuesday (November 8), comedian Sarah invited the foursome to her home to deliver her home-cooked meal and a round of table talk.

Attention soon turned to cheesy chat-up lines and past relations when contestant Chris candidly shared a food-related confession.

"My favourite chat up line, if any, was 'Do you like kebabs?'" He shared, before launching into his night with a French woman, Giselle.

He explained how he pre-planned the move by storing a doner kebab beside the bed.

As the pair were "kissing and cuddling," he said: "I just took this kebab out of the drawer whilst we were 'cuddling' let's say."

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Channel 4

Fellow contestants were gobsmacked by Chris' confession and erupted into laughter, with Steph confirming: "You stopped for a kebab break?"

To which he replied: "Yes."

Despite bringing the kebab into the mix, Chris said he wouldn't recommend it. During a confessional to the camera, he said: "I wouldn't suggest anyone in a relationship to introduce a kebab as a third party."

Earlier this year, a former Come Dine With Me contestant opened up about the show's secrets to her TikTok followers.

Katy Spence, who appeared on the Channel 4 cooking competition in 2014, claims that she booked a whole week off work to enter, had to spend her own money, and producers 'fixed' who would win.

"You get £250 and that covers your food, your entertainment and any cutlery that you need," she claimed, adding: "Being that you take a gift to each contestant's house, it cost me five or six hundred pounds".

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