Cousins 'horrify' relatives by declaring they were dating in family group chat

Cousins 'horrify' relatives by declaring they were dating in family group chat
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A unique relationship has left social media users baffled after candidly confessing they are, in fact, first cousins.

Prime Video's series Extreme Love delves into the world's unusual relationships, including Michael Lee and Angela Paeng's – who people have nicknamed the "kissing cousins".

The pair from Utah first risked it all for love. We're not just talking about judgement, but also potential criminal charges.

Angela said she first had a crush on her cousin in primary school, but their families were told to "keep them apart."

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In the 2020 episode, Michael said: "It was second grade, we were about eight years old. We immediately clicked and we were like best friends. We were slow dancing in the closet and we got caught kissing."

Angela was understandably advised by her parents not to pursue any kind of sexual relationship with her cousin.

"I got pulled aside by my parents and they said, "What is going on?" And my mom said, 'Cool it, Angie,'" she said.

They later rekindled at a family get-together and shared their romance in the wildest way possible – by posting a photo to a family-run Facebook group of the pair locking tongues.

Speaking about their family's reaction, Michael told the show, "they were shocked and horrified" and subsequently got removed from the group.

Extreme Love

Angela said, "it felt like we picked up where we left off," before admitting she couldn't get her cousin out of her head.

She revealed: "I had a sex dream about Michael after that and I wanted to tell him about it but I was so nervous that he didn't feel the same way."

Michael added: "Immediately it was like, "She's still super hot."

They both made it official by travelling to Colorado in 2019 to get married, as it would have been illegal for them to get married in Utah.

Sadly, in July, Michael tragically passed away in 2021 after having a seizure at work, Angela revealed to her YouTube followers.

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