Doctor Who fans spot detail in 60th anniversary specials poster which teases huge return

Doctor Who fans spot detail in 60th anniversary specials poster which teases huge return

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Matt Smith’s time as the Doctor in Doctor Whomay have been and gone, but fans of the BBC series about a time-travelling alien - which now has Russell T. Davies back as showrunner - think he may appear alongside David Tennant and Catherine Tate in the upcoming 60th anniversary specials.

The three episodes - titled “The Star Beast”, “Wild Blue Yonder” and “The Giggle” - are set to see Tennant’s Doctor (now the fourteenth incarnation of the character, not the tenth) reunite with former companion Donna Noble (Tate), who last time we saw her had had her memories with the Tenth Doctor wiped to save her life.

That came with a warning from the Doctor that if she ever remembered him, she would die, although in the Tenth Doctor’s final adventure “The End of Time”, the entire population of Earth turned into John Simm’s The Master except for her and her grandfather Wilf (the late Bernard Cribbins).

She then had flashbacks to her time in the Tardis before knocking herself out, and so fans have been left wondering how she’ll be able to take on Neil Patrick Harris’s Toymaker without having the same thing happen again.

We're also expected to see Tennant regenerate into the Fifteenth Doctor at the end of the episodes, who is played by Sex Education star Ncuti Gatwa.

And that’s not the only thing which has been left for fans to speculate, as a new poster for the specials – which also star Heartstopper’s Yasmin Finney – was shared to social media on Monday, and Whovians think it might include a hint at a surprise appearance:

One of those who suggested the playing card may be Smith’s Eleventh Doctor (and not Harris’ Toymaker) has since stressed they were joking, and others had some fun with making some outlandish predictions too:

Smith has previously said of a possible 60th anniversary appearance that "I haven't heard" and "no one's picked up the phone yet" - but is that what someone who's hiding a secret would say...?

Whovians will have to wait until 25 November for an answer, it certainly wouldn’t be the first anniversary episode or episodes to feature multiple Doctors.

For the 50th anniversary episode back in 2013 – “The Day of the Doctor” - saw Tennant’s Tenth Doctor make a comeback and introduced the late Harry Potter actor John Hurt as The War Doctor.

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