Fox News is now getting triggered by Lego representing people with disabilities.

Fox Host claims lego is going "Woke"

Fox News is now claiming to be triggered by Lego, finally proving that the broadcaster can pretend to be annoyed about absolutely anything.

The channel ran a segment on the new range of Lego products that are representing people with disabilities.

The new Friends line features models of people with different skin tones, disabilities, limb differences and vitiligo.

The broadcaster introduced a section taking issue with the toy company for “going woke”.

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Fox News host Harris Faulkner said on her show: “Say it ain’t so. Lego is going woke.”

She added: “The company is unveiling a range of new characters in the effort to be more inclusive. Lego says the new characters will promote diversity and understanding. Some will have anxiety issues. I don’t know how you show that.”

Fox News radio host Jimmy Failla added: “One will have a missing limb. Another, Down syndrome. These are really important issues.”

Not done there, he added: “It shouldn’t be going on the way it’s going on. But the reason they force identity into toys is because they think identity comes with a built-in political orientation. And that’s what they’re after here. I’m not having it.”

Lego said it had introduced the new products after receiving feedback indicating that “children had a desire to see themselves, their friends and their families better represented.”

It’s not the first time Fox News have feigned outrage over Lego products, after presenters on the channel feigned outrage over Ruth Bader Ginsburg getting her own figure back in 2019.

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