Which Coronation Street character would be most likely to win Squid Game?

Which Coronation Street character would be most likely to win Squid Game?

Anyone with a crumb of empathy who has watched Netflix thriller Squid Game has imagined how they would fare in the brutal games.

Would you get caught out in ‘Red light, green light?’ or would you manage to thrive during a game of tug of war? It doesn’t, truly, bear thinking about.

But have you ever wondered how the cast of Coronation Street would get on?

Probably not - but that is exactly what someone has done, providing comprehensive analysis of nine characters on Twitter for fans of both shows to delight in.

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The fan reckons Leanne Battersby would have mixed fortunes, as although she is “resourceful”, she is also “reckless” and pushes people away.

Ranked higher is long-term character David Platt, who is described as being sufficiently “cunning and sneaky” to do well. “He might not able to use teammates for his benefit well,” however.

Tracy Barlow would come third as “she is very cunning, ruthless, cold-blooded, strong and resourceful”.

And Nick Tilsley would give Sang-Woo a run for his money, coming in second.

The winner, apparently, would be Adam Barlow:

“Don’t let the pretty face fool you. Adam is smarter than people give him credit for He’s cunning, resourceful, athletic, ruthless, charming and two face enough to win the games.

“He would also cope under pressure and not be afraid to get his hands dirty.”

So there you have it. Netflix has said that nothing has been decided about whether there will be a second series of the hit show but given its popularity it seems a no-brainer to renew it.

Whether they should bring the games to the cobbles, however, is debatable.

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