17 things you won’t miss about renting with friends

1. The reality that you pay for the Netflix account, but you’ll never get to choose the TV shows.

2. Bins overfilling. As in, 'I'm not shirking, I just didn't empty it because it wasn't full.'

3. The 'that’s my milk' diplomatic incident. In every shared flat, there are two kinds of people: those who buy milk for everyone, and 'The Labellers'.

4. Washing up left in the sink. IT’S NOT A DISHWASHER.

5. The whole 'It’s just a bowl' … 'Just your bowl, and spoon, and mug, and …' conversation.

6. Alarms set at 6am. On a Sunday.

7. Seeking explicit permission from the landlord to repaint the ‘feature wall’.

8. Deposit negotiations when you move out.

9. Your flatmate who just loves that Avicii song so much they’ll just have it play it again.

10. The compete impossibility for the TV to not be showing Simpsons repeats.

11. The flatmate who clearly thinks her bedroom walls are a lot thicker than they are.

12. Strays. As in, ‘But the cat really likes coming in - I don’t think she’s looked after properly’.

13. The moment when your visiting friend does that unsubtle look that can only mean ‘so that’s the flatmate you’ve got a crush on'.

14. The need for four people to all agree on a new flatmate or else you all have a problem.

15. Phone bills with highlighter pen on them - but no one claiming the 25-minute call to New Zealand.

16. The ‘who gets the small room’ debate.

17. Paying rent.

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