9 of the strangest quiz show moments to date

Quiz shows through the ages have seen some very strange moments. Here are some of the weirdest so far:


One woman created a real Family Feud when she said she would change her husband’s penis if she had the choice.


The show Catchphrase saw a very uncomfortable few minutes as the squares around Mr Chip disappeared in a rather provocative order.


Family Feud has seen some very strange answers through its time; one of the best was when a young women said that doctors frequently remove gerbils from patients.


Perhaps the creepiest answer ever at a game show was given on Jeopardy, an American game show. The host asked the contestant, Tom, what the following definition was referring to: “In common law, the age of this, signalling adulthood, is presumed to be 14 in boys and 12 in girls?” This was Tom's reply:


Bradley Walsh, presenter of the The Chase, collapsed into giggles when he couldn’t pronounce the name of a German alpine skier, Fanny Chmelar. Unfortunately, neither the contestant nor the chaser himself could keep a straight face either.


It appears this was not a one-off for Walsh. Another clip from The Chase sees him in hysterical laughter with tears streaming down his face because he had to say the word “cock”.


On a quiz show Newlyweds, one bride began blushing after she answered that the weirdest place she had ever had sex was "in the **".


When a contestant was asked by the host of Family Fortunes to name a game you can play in bed, she answered “I-Spy.”


Finally, another Family Fortunes episode saw a contestant confusing the audience by answering ‘turkey’ to every single question.

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