TikToker Goes Viral For Finding Items That Belong To Tinder Date's GF

A man used a questionable tactic to overcome lying about his height on a Bumble date – and TikTok users are divided.

There's a new product taking social media by storm that lets "short kings" take their height to a new level – quite literally. In a viral clip that racked over two million views, TikTok account @viralheightbooster explained how he deceptively told his date he was 6'3.

Instead of being honest in the first place, he backed his lie by turning to high-heeled insoles for a helping hand. The thick rubber inserts bumped up his height by four inches.

"Little does she know these add 4 inches to my height," he said, referring to the shoe inserts. He then shared a comparison shot wearing an insole on one foot while the other hovered inches from the ground.

Inevitably, the platform was divided on whether the invention was genius or simply absurd.

Many slammed his secret vice as "sad", with one user saying: "This is why I have trust issues."

Another jokingly posed the question: "Babe, why are you wearing shoes to bed?"

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Link in bio for a pair 👟

Some users, however, slammed the double standards in the comments section and compared the height boosters to the equivalent of makeup and hair.

Other rational TikTok users, however, highlighted some rather useful points.

"So what do people who own these do after the first date?" One quizzed, adding, "Lmao, wear your shoes for the rest of your life?"

Another asked whether the inserts were visible to others. Apparently not.

"Confidence is much more attractive," one noted while another concluded with some much-needed life advice: "Not worth it. If a girl is so shallow that height is the only thing she cares about, then she isn't the one."

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