WikiHow/Daily Mail/Indy100
WikiHow/Daily Mail/Indy100

The comments section of the Mail Online is a treasure trove of insight.

People up and down the country feel the need to air their unsolicited views on the website every day.

They discuss everything from Brexit to "skimpy knickers," terrorism fears to Boris Johnson's asparagus-based shenanigans in Cornwall.

But is he across his brief yet? No matter what the subject - whether bikes when London Mayor or Brexit now, he's always fuddled and confused. It really is a pathetic performance. Yet boy does it matter Boris!

Call the police - that hot take is so fresh, it's criminal.

Another amusing part of the internet is the webpage WikiHow, if only for its incredibly cheesy illustrations. If you did French GCSE, the pictures might remind you of your textbooks. The soft pastel-coloured brush strokes are unnerving, just like your pronunciation of 'plaisanter'.

Having the idea to combine the Mail readers' blustering collective indignation with artwork better suited to a pamphlet you get in a doctor's surgery is highly commendable.

Twitter's ever humourous Technically Ron has done just that:

It's a stunning effort. Not that we think we can match his wit, we've had a go all the same. It's great fun - definitely a solid way to spend a Saturday.

Here are some we made earlier...

On UFOs...

On owls:

On benefits:

On lizards:

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