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TikTok has rapidly become the go-to destination for new trends and inspiration. Some can be incredibly useful while others are hilariously pointless in the name of fun – but now, there's a new one dominating the platform, and it's rather morbid.

People are turning to TikTok to get a "prediction" on their death – and it's proving popular amongst users with over 41.3 million views on the hashtag alone.

It's not a complex trend as such. All TikTokers are required to do is record a brief video of themselves using this sound and this filter – or you can type 'My Death' in the search bar.

Using the filter will show you an AI-generated painting of "your death".

Don't worry, the artwork is not gruesome and, let's face it, not particularly accurate. It's mostly open to interpretation.

Take TikTok user Simena's clip (@simenarois_) as an example. Her video has racked up over 600,000 views as she asked followers: "Ayo what. How am I supposed to interpret this?"

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Ayo what. How am i supposed to interpret this???? #fy #fyp #AIfilter #PayPalityourway #filter #randompics

Her image revealed a man appearing to hug a woman cloaked in a long dress. The TikToker handed over to fellow users, who they had an absolute field day with it.

One pondered: "Am I the only one who thinks that looks like snow-white and the poisoned apple?"

Another quizzed, "Am i the only thinking brokenHeart or betrayal?"

Meanwhile another interpreted it as "I see prince holding you, bled out, and a death symbol above."

"It looks like you are holding on to a man, but he is not holding you back, I would say, death of broken heart," a fourth added.

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