Discontinued 'Allan dolls' selling for huge amounts on eBay after Barbie release

Discontinued 'Allan dolls' selling for huge amounts on eBay after Barbie release
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Michael Cera's Allan in Barbie has certainly made a mark, with resales of the discontinued doll reaching hundreds of dollars.

In the film that broke records over the weekend, "Just Allan" plays a lonesome sidekick who instantly became a hit with viewers.

One cinema-goer poignantly shared how Cera's character shows "how outnumbered the Allans of the world are. There was only one of him and thousands of Kens."

TikToker Gigi continued: "I feel like that would be how it feels for a nice guy to live in this current world. The guy that is genuine but gets overlooked or questioned because his behaviours seem too good to be true, in a world that's outnumbered by Kens."

Well now, Allan dolls are cropping back up years later after being discontinued, with thanks to Barbie no doubt.

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According to TMZ, most Allan dolls were retailing for around $35-$76 last week. Fast forward to this week, and some eBay listings are reaching at least $150. One is even selling at $500.


Allan was first released as Ken's best friend back in 1964.

His selling point was that he could fit into all of Ken's clothes, according to History. However, he was later discontinued with rumours that he and Ken appeared too close.

Allan was later re-released, dropping one 'l' from his name as Alan, and reintroduced as Midge's husband (a pregnant Barbie doll) in the 90s.

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Cera has since opened up about his character, saying: "Allan is sort of like a person without a group that he belongs to, he’s kind of a loner, in a way."

He continued: "I think the joke about that, at least how I interpret it, is that Allan the doll ... didn’t have a very successful run. [He’s] sort of this marginalised person in this world of Kens.”

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