Woman gets 'payback' on married neighbour with Valentine's Day card after he reported her parking

Woman gets 'payback' on married neighbour with Valentine's Day card after he reported her parking
TikToker Shares Her Petty Revenge Tactic On Ex Of 5 Years
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A woman whose neighbour reported her for parking on double yellow lines on their close has shared her Valentine’s Day-themed tale of revenge.

Taking to TikTok, 23-year-old Kelly Liesse revealed that in retaliation to her married neighbour’s report, she sent him a Valentine’s Day card - which naturally, may make his wife question his fidelity.

The on-screen text reads: “My neighbour decided to report me for parking on double yellow lines in our close, so I sent him this for Valentine’s Day. Hopefully, his wife will see it first.”

She then showed the cover of a Valentine’s Day card that reads: “I love that you can be you, I can be me, and together we’re happy as can be.”

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The inside of the card reads: “Happy Valentine’s Day my darling. I can’t believe I found you, but we're meant to be. I am always there for you and you’re always there for me. No one in this world could make me feel this way. And all my love for you keeps growing more and more every day. I can’t wait to see you next, miss you so much.”


Its pay back time 🌹 #valentines #payback #fyp

Since posting the clip yesterday, it has received 225,000 views, 5,000 likes, and 350 comments.

Some criticised her in the comment section, warning that her revenge will hurt her neighbour’s wife more than him.

“Don’t park on double yellow lines then??? You’re in the wrong, why you mad at them for?” one viewer wrote.

Another wrote: “By getting your own back… you’ve just devastated hers.” Kelly responded: “Shame they’re just both nasty people anyways, karma always come back”.

In a later comment, she added: “If you read the comments, a blue badge was on display so he had no reason to do this. He is a nasty bloke and so is she.”

The Blue Badge is a parking permit for people with disabilities and allows holders to park on double or single yellow lines for up to three hours. However, depending on the council area, holders may not be able to do so in areas where there are restrictions on loading and unloading.

Others enjoyed her tale of revenge, with one viewer commenting: “I am totally here for this level of petty. Bravo!”

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