BBC reporter is cool as a cucumber as he narrowly avoids being struck by falling light live on TV

A BBC correspondent has narrowly avoided injury after saving himself from being struck by a falling light during a live television report.

James Shaw, the Scotland correspondent for BBC News and 5 Live, appeared on the BBC News channel on Tuesday but literally seconds before host Sophie Raworth cut to his live report from Glasgow, a gust of wind sent a large light tumbling in his direction.

Not missing a beat, Shaw stopped the light from hitting and, cool-as-you-like, went seamlessly into his report as if nothing had happened.

The moment didn’t go unnoticed by viewers and Shaw thanked those who noticed.

Raworth complimented Shaw on his save but admitted that she had no idea what was going on on the screen behind her.

Seriously though – what a save and a a very smooth transition.

It might sound like a cliche but, literally, anything can happen on live television.

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