14 of the funniest memes from this week featuring snow and a giant lizard
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In a week that has seen scientist rush to reassure people about the AstraZeneca vaccine and – frankly – some days of unreasonable weather, how have the memes been?

Spicy as ever? Great.

Here are some that have got us through the last 120 hours.

Violence in Northern Ireland

This week, riots in Northern Ireland have occurred in protest of the post-Brexit trade deal. While the scenes are doubtlessly distressing, there is just a small amount of schadenfreude to be derived when considering that Brexiteers were warned that the policy could disrupt the peace process. At least these meme creators think so:

Giant lizard goes shopping

On a much lighter note, a giant lizard went into a Thai supermarket this week, climbed a shelf and generally created the most deranged reboot of Supermarket Sweep of all time.

This caused Jurassic World to confirm that they were not behind it:

Actors understanding the assignment

People are celebrating their favourite actors who flourish in a range of roles by saying they “understand the assignment”.

Snow in the UK in April

After it snowed across the UK this week in a lockdown in which we are finally permitted to meet in groups of six outside, people reacted with dismay as the thought of having to change Blitz spirit into blizzard spirit.

Celebrities as ancestors

People are putting photos of celebrities and iconic TV moments in black and white, this week, and claiming they have unearthed old family photos.

And even Netflix has got involved:

Space Jam 2

After the trailer for the long-awaited 1996 film, Space Jam, was released, fans edited characters from different films and TV shows into the trailer to poke fun at the anticipation surrounding the event.

Memes like these brighten up even the darkest of days. Which is great because we’ve just looked at next week’s weather forecast.

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