Police called to rescue teen duct-taped to a pole


It’s fair to say teenager Miguel Chavez has probably had better days.

After losing a bet on a Rockets verses Warriors NBA basketball game, the 17-year-old found himself duct-taped to a yield sign on the intersection of a busy highway.

Police were called to the scene in Houston, Texas, by alarmed motorists, and they found Chavez just as another man was approaching him with a knife.

“Drop the knife or I’ll taser you!” one officer reportedly shouted. Luckily, it turned out the knife-wielding man was one of Chavez's friends, and was there to release him.

“I went with the Rockets,” Chavez told “I was at McDonalds eating. I lost. My friend said it was time 'I pay up your bet and I have an idea.' He got there with four rolls of duct tape.”

Fortunately, the police saw the funny side and helped Chavez down before driving him home.

“They laughed at it. I didn’t get in trouble. They weren't concerned," he said.

Chavez explained that his friends had tossed a coin to decide exactly what to duct-tape him to. Heads would have him tied to a pole, and tails would have him taped to a car.

That is true friendship, right there.

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