Bride divides internet after only allowing some children at wedding

Bride divides internet after only allowing some children at wedding
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There's some tension in the family of one newlywed bride after she kicked her cousin out of the kidding because she was angry to see the bride's kids at the wedding when she was informed the day would be child-free.

In a post to Reddit's "Am I the A**hole?" forum, the 23-year-old bride provided an explanation as to why her own children (two girls aged seven and three) were part of her big day as well as her young brother (aged nine) but the cousin's kids weren't invited.

"We decided on a childfree wedding because we don't want kids running around but we still decided to have our own as a part of an important day," she wrote.

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She noted how the three kids are "good at being still and quiet for some time" and they were promised presents if they behaved.

But when it came to her cousin asking via Facebook message whether she could bring her children (two boys aged seven and five, and a girl aged three) because "finding a babysitter was hard," the bride refused this request, which didn't go down well with the cousin.

"She said I don't care about her kids which isn't true, I love them but they are ones to run around and make noise," she explained.

When it came to the wedding day, "everything started good," according to the bride.

The bride's cousin was angry to see children at the wedding when she was told her children couldn't come to the child-free event iStockphoto by Getty Images

"The ceremony started and it went great, the kids behaved as we hoped and they were happy to finally get food," she said.

The bride also noted in an edit later on that the children were at the ceremony and only half an hour of the reception "to eat and for the pictures" before they left with her sister-in-law to make the reception adults-only.

But things took a turn when she was approached by her cousin puzzled as to why the bride's kids were there.

"When we were outside my cousin walked up to me and asked why the kids were there. I told her why and she got mad," she recalled.

"She shouted at me that I have no right to have my kids here if hers can't be here too and that I'm selfish. My aunt calmed her down and we kicked my cousin out of the wedding."

After the row, the cousin then took her anger to Facebook where she is now talking s*** about the bride calling her "selfish" and saying she "should pay for her babysitter."

"My family is torn now," she said, as the argument has caused mixed opinions.

"Some say she is out of line and that I can decide who are at my wedding but others say it was rude to not let her bring her kids when there was going to be kids anyways and that kicking her out was salt in the wounds."

Since posting her dilemma, it has prompted a number of responses - most of which have decided she is not the a**hole in this situation.

One person said: "NTA. It's your wedding so you decide."

"NTA. Yeh, you bent the "rules" for your kids and brother, but at end of the day it's your event," another person wrote. "You know your cousin's kids to be disruptive, so you didn't want them to attend."

Someone else added: "You have every right to do what you want at your wedding. Weddings are not a social obligation didn’t you fulfil to your family."

"NTA, having your own kids there is completely different to having other people’s kids there," a fourth person commented.

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