Bride goes viral after publicly shaming her guests and bridesmaids behaviour at her wedding

Bride goes viral after publicly shaming her guests and bridesmaids behaviour at her wedding
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You’d hope that the nearest and dearest that come to your wedding will still be your friends in the years after that special day, but one woman has savagely revealed that is sometimes not the case.

On TikTok, user @peatreeeee, who goes by the name Pea Tear Griffin, has gone viral after spilling the tea and absolutely slating her wedding guests and bridesmaids.

Griffin captioned the post. “Weddings bring the best and worst out of some people”, while text overlaying the clip read: “This trend but spilling the [tea] on our bridal party after the wedding.”

The first man pictured in the clip got off lightly as she revealed they are still friends with him and he is their son’s godfather.

But many others didn’t fair so well as Griffin wrote of one bridesmaid: “She complained about everything in the build up to the wedding. Sulked all day and then we never heard from her again.”

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Griffin revealed that one of the groomsmen hooked up with two bridesmaids on the same night, but added that they’re still friends.

For another groomsman, she said: “He tried to bring a girl he'd just started dating. Flirted with all the bridesmaids on the day. Sulked and then left early. Broke up with girlfriend a month later.”

Griffin claimed that she remained friends with another bridesmaid for a while, but discovered one day she’d deleted her off all social media without explanation.

For another of her bridesmaids, she said: “She recently outed herself as a bigot. Which is a shame because I loved her dearly.”

The clip has been viewed more than 1 million times and people in the comments couldn’t get enough of the drama.

One person wrote: “There is no better drama than the real drama of a group of people I don't even know. I want more!!!”

Another said: “The teaaaaaa is piping.”

Someone else begged: “PLEASE TIKTOK BRING US THE BRIDEMAIDS SIDES OF THE STORY! I'm here for the drama lama!”

But, other users turned it around on Griffin. Someone else commented: “I dunno...If lost that many close friends that were in my party, I would seriously do some self reflection & ask if I'm the problem they cut me out?”

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