The People We Hate At The Wedding
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An incredibly cringe and awkward speech at a wedding has gone viral on TikTok for all the wrong reasons.

The clip, which was shared by Tori aka @browneyed_beautee, who is the sister of the groom, has been viewed on TikTok more than 10 million times sees the speech go from zero to inappropriate in a matter of seconds.

The video begins with the woman, Shannon, introducing herself and adding that she has known the bride Tracy, for a number of years. She also says that she doesn't know her new husband, Antony, that well but that Tracy talks about him all the time.

Things are going well but things so start to go awry when she says: "You better take care of my girl because if you don’t, I know where you live." This prompts a very awkward set of laughs from the wedding guests.

Things then get really bad when she says: "You're a part of the family, I swear to God. Like, I'm not going to be racist, you guys, I'm just sayin.'" You can audibly hear one of the guests say "oh my gosh" in response to this.

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She then adds "I'm gonna be racist, OK" before saying that a mixed-race couple are "outstepping the stereotype and I love it." Although the speech was less than two minutes long it felt like an eternity but it was mercifully put to an end when she said she "loves Black people" and someone started clapping bringing to whole thing to its conclusion.

On TikTok, Tori wrote: "CRINGE WARNING. So my brother got married this past weekend and this was one of the speeches from friends… Think miss girl was nervous but wheeww had a few of us like.:


⚠️CRINGE WARNING⚠️ So my brother got married this past weekend and this was one of the speeches from friends… 😬🫣 Think miss girl was nervous but wheeww had a few of us like 😳😅

As you can imagine the response to the video is one of shock and bewilderment.

In the comments, one person wrote: "Whoever started clapping = hero. I mean, that had to end. Brutal."

Another added: "But what kind of a person even has a friend like this? Now I’m questioning the bride. And because I question the bride, I question the groom too."

A third said: "WHATTTTTTT this is like watching stand up on an open mic night."

Tori did say in response: "Y’all the wedding still went on and it was a great time!"

Just to prove that not all of the speeches were super awkward Tori shared a video of another one of Tracy's friends whose words were much more appropriate for the occasion.


Replying to @maddyperezstoenail She DID! This Queen right here def DELIVERT a REAL friend speech! 🙌🏾❤️

Judging by a text from Tracy that Tori also shared the speech didn't sit too well with her either. She reportedly wrote: "When she started going there I kind of froze up, and I was holding Anthony's hand. Once she got to the mixing part, I dug my nails into his palm and immediately looked toward the family and gave Ty that light 'get her' look."


Replying to @alexandrakaychris her response @crazy_blue_eyez1505

At this point, we're just gonna put the whole thing down to nerves and all we can say is congratulations to the happy couple.

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