Caught off guard: Politicians doing things they shouldn't be

Footage has surfaced of US congressman Joe Garcia picking his ear and eating the contents during a televised meeting. But plenty of other politicians have been ridiculed for their on-air gaffes.

So we've chosen some of the best...

Gordon Brown

Those who were paying attention during prime ministers Questions on 21 March 2007 were rewarded with the sight of the then chancellor surreptitiously poking his fingers up his nose.

Hillary Clinton

The former US secretary of state seemed to drift off during a 2012 UN Security Council meeting where eagle-eyed photographers spotted her scribbling doodles instead of taking notes.

(Picture: Getty)

Jim Hillyer

Canadian MP Jim Hillyer was caught on camera in 2012 rolling his eyes dramatically during a speech at the House of Commons by a rival politician about World War Two veterans.

Sarkozy and Obama

Unaware their microphones were switched on, Barack Obama and former French president Nicolas Sarkozy inadvertently broadcast to journalists critical comments about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during 2011's G20 summit.

Graham Evans

The Tory MP was clearly distracted during then defence secretary Liam Fox's speech in the Commons, first playing air guitar on a magazine before going the whole hog with a drum solo.

Geoff Shaw

Australian MP Geoff Shaw caused a furore when a 2012 parliamentary video recording revealed he had made a lewd hand gesture to a member of the opposition in parliament.

Stephen Pound

In 2012 the Labour MP (right) was seen nodding off during a House of Commons emergency debate on Afghanistan. He claimed to have no recollection of it and said he planned to see a doctor.

(Picture: BBC)
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