Man claims he found ‘whole family’ of insects in his cereal box in viral TikTok

Man claims he found ‘whole family’ of insects in his cereal box in viral TikTok

A TikTok user has documented the horrifying moment he claimed to find multiple mealworms in an unopened bag of cereal.

In a disturbing video, TikTok user @mbutler20014 shared a video captioned “found a whole family in my cereal”.

He explained that he had just bought a box of Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats cereal and kept hearing noises coming from it, saying, “Yo, I can for real hear something in this box”.

He held the camera close to the box in an attempt to pick up some of the noises that he was hearing. Then, he proceeded to open the box and pull out the bag of cereal.

What he discovered next is horrifying, as he found what he estimated at 13 mealworms having a “feast” on his cereal inside the sealed bag.

Making the discovery, he said: “Oh yeah, buddy. We have little friends in here.”

TikTok user @mbutler20014 documented the grim discoveryTikTok user @mbutler20014 documented the grim discovery of mealwormsTikTok/@mbutler20014

He filmed the bag and showed the mealworms, which were alive, moving around inside it.

Turning the bag around, he adjusted the position to determine just how many mealworms were in his cereal.

Kellogg spokesperson Kris Bahner told indy100: “We appreciate that this must have been upsetting. Despite many precautions to prevent it, insects can penetrate properly sealed packages as products leave our control and work their way through distribution to stores and people’s homes.

“We learned about this report Sunday via social media and we are working quickly to understand more.”

The clip has been viewed more than 311,000 times with many people horrified at what was lurking in his food.

Many people made reference to the practice of pouring cereal into a clear container for storing, rather than in the box, so they can see what is in it before pouring it into the bowl.

It is a practice that has been seen on Pinterest and many said they saw the benefit of it now after witnessing the clip.

One person commented: “Now I’m startin to think all those white ppl putting they cereals in containers were onto something.”

Another wrote: “Not me watching this while eating Cheerios… I’m not worried though when I buy a new box I open them and pour into a container.”

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