‘Charlie bit my finger’ is being sold as an NFT then deleted forever
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Do you remember that iconic growing-up-with-a-sibling video,” Charlie bit my finger-again!?”

Well, the Davies-Carr family (the creators of the classic video) are auctioning it off as an NFT beginning on May 22nd, jumpstarting the 14th anniversary of the video.

But there’s a catch.

The original video, which has over 881 million views, will be deleted from YouTube for good.

In a statement about the NFT, it states that a person will be able to own the video as a “1/1 NFT” and that the winner has “the opportunity create their own parody of the video featuring the original stars, Harry and Charlie.”

NFTs are collectible digital assets that hold value as a crypto token and are non-fungible, meaning it’s unique and can’t be exchanged. It’s one of a king. Bitcoin is fungible, which means it can be exchanged for an identical bitcoin that is not irreplaceable.

Examples of NFTs include memes, audio, video, texts, and gifs. Celebrities such as Grimes releasing video art, Jack Dorsey releasing the first-ever tweet, Jeezy, Azealia Banks, and others have also gotten into the world of NFTs.

As NFTs continue to rise in popularity throughout the year, there were many memes from the 2000s sold on the blockchain, some of which were sold at prices so high that you wouldn’t have even thought it was possible. According to The Verge, things such as Zoë Roth’s Disaster Girl image are sold for roughly $500,000 and Chris Torres Nyan Cat for around $590,000.

It may seem a bit strange to pay the cost for most houses for something that isn’t really in short supply because you can easily hop on the internet to see.

This might not apply to the case of the Davies-Carr family. Because they are deleting one of the well-known videos off of YouTube, whoever ends up owning the NFT will be able to lay claim to something hard to come by—as long as the buyer doesn’t repost the video despite the countless re-uploads that already exist.

In 2017, Harry and Charlie, now 17 and 15 respectively, did an interview for StoryTender on YouTube channel as they reminisced and celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the video.

For more information on the “Charlie, bit my finger—again!” NFT, visit the website here.

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