Commuters are spotting a rabbit that takes public transport

Twitter/ Screengrab

If you've spent any time on public transport you'll have seen your fair share of odd things.

Almost anything can happen on a bus or a train. Be it a dog travelling to a park by itself or running into Ed Miliband, the possibilities seem endless.

Now a rabbit, seemingly on its own, has been seen going about it's business on London transport.

Firstly it was on the 254 to Holloway.

And it was also spotted on an Overground train in Hackney.

Plenty of jokes then came flooding in over Twitter.

Someone even saw a similar sight in Manchester.

People then began to worry about the rabbit's safety but all appears to be well.

Indy100 reached out to Matt to discover more about the rabbit and the owner.

He told us:

Owner has something of the Keith Richards about him.

I got on the bus and asked whose it was, as I said, the rabbit was chilled and so was the owner - both just going about their business on a Friday night.

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