Waitress slams diners who don't include children in their reservations

Waitress slams diners who don't include children in their reservations
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A restaurant worker has vented her frustrations at diners who don't include their children in their booking reservations.

In a viral TikTok video, Kaylo Laverty (@kaylo.laverty.designs) explained how she has been a server and bartender for the past ten years, disclaiming that she has never "personally experienced this."

Her take was in response to a skit that said: "Your children exist, therefore they are a head in your reservation."

In Kaylo's clip, she recalled a situation in which a couple made a reservation at her restaurant for two people. However, they had two children with them.

"I kind of understand, maybe, a baby," she told viewers. "But I work at a smaller restaurant. And if you make a reservation for two, we’re going to sit you at a smaller table."

The family had to be turned away as the establishment was not able to accommodate all four of them.

"These people made a reservation for two people," Kaylo reiterated.


#stitch with @$yd i hosted literally for three days when i injured my shoulder and could not serve, and it was the worst three days of my life. I had mad respect for hosts after that 😂#eclipse #jojosiwa

Turns out, Kaylo wasn't alone in her thinking with hundreds of fellow TikTokers flooding the comments with their personal experiences.

"As a host - always count the kids! They take up a seat," one person wrote.

Another added: "When parents don't count the kids, I wanna ask 'Are the kids eating? Are they sitting? Are they going to be in this restaurant while you sit and eat?'"

A third said: "Where I work we ask separately how many adults and how many children will be sitting with you. We don’t say “eating/dining” because then you get, well they aren’t going to be eating anything."

Meanwhile, on TikToker wrote: "I usually say 4, 2 adults 2 kids it’s not that hard if you want to emphasize that they’re kids for menus or whatever"

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