Photo of huge queue for Dishoom sparks debate about London resturants

Photo of huge queue for Dishoom sparks debate about London resturants
First Look at Dishoom High Street Kensington

A photo of a queue to a branch of the Indian restaurant chain Dishoom has sparked a huge debate online.

It all started the same way Twitter debats always start with one person expressing his innocuous opinion about the restaurant chain which is notorious for attracting long walk-in queues.

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Sharing a photo of the queue on the platform, Liam Barker wrote: "I will never understand people that queue for Dishoom when London has hundreds of amazing Indian restaurants."

The tweet went viral and trended on the platform. It has accrued 6,689 likes at the time of writing.

Of course, people had thoughts. Some people agreed with Barker and said the food wasn't worth the wait.

"Dishoom is bang average," one replied.

"Tried Dishoom twice and literally don't like it at all," another said.

"Dishoom isn’t even nice," said a third.

But others thought he was a naysayer.

"I will shamelessly queue for Dishoom," one said.

Another wrote: "Dissing people for sticking with reliably 4/5 food and service is not a personality trait. Even though said thing has blown up into mainstream oblivion."

And a third offered some sensible advice: "Love Dishoom. Always consistent. Always book so we don’t queue."

If there's one thing people in England love more than queues, it is complaining about queues they don't even have to be a part of.

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